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SunLync Select

Make a business decision that’s good for your bottom line!

Software, like any other business asset, is not an expense, but is an investment toward your future. With SunLync you get great product support as well as a partnership committed to the control, success and profitability of your business! We will be there to assist you during the transition and long thereafter.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

With NO code memorization required, SunLync is intuitive, easy to use, and decreases the time required to train current employees and new hires alike.


SunLync offers a variety of options allowing you the flexibility to run your business your way.

  • NO Limit on the # of Equipment Types
  • NO Limit on the # of Services
  • Choose your Credit Card Provider
  • Choose your Hardware Vendors


SunLync is compatible with a number of different peripherals. Implementing their use will aid in the efficiency of your organization.

  • Biometrics
  • Receipt Printers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Cameras
  • Electronic Signature Pads
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Magnetic Strip Readers
  • POS Pole Display
  • PIN Pads

Increased Security

  • Empower employees to do their jobs effectively while limiting access to sensitive areas
  • Easily associate security templates with employee records
  • Track employees’ actions through audit logs and reports

EFT Processing

  • SunLync offers secure and integrated options for credit card processing for Point of Sale and EFT memberships
  • Configure automatic discounts on retail purchases for EFT members
  • Reward EFT members for successful EFT drafts

Network Multiple Locations

  • Centralized database means customers are business specific, not salon specific, and can tan at any location
  • Easily scalable
  • Real time updates – all customer information is immediately available at all locations
  • Run reports for select locations or all locations combined

Employee and Salon Rankings 

  • Effectively motivate and inspire friendly completion with the SunLync Desktop
  • Rank employees and salons based on critical metrics such as Per Tan Average or Per Receipt Average

Remote Access Capability

Manage your business from a home office or while on vacation (e.g. see how many beds are dirty and for how long, view your daily sales, etc.).

Reward Programs

SunLync allows you to set up varied and flexible loyalty and reward programs to help you retain your customers and increase the amount of money that they spend.

  • Automatic Rewards for customer referrals
  • Give Packages, Give Points, Give Promotions functionality
  • Reward customers that spend $
  • Combo free items with purchases

Effective Communication 

  • E-Lync allows users to quickly send messages to employees, without grating access to the internet
  • Employees can log Equipment, Facility or Customer issues which are automatically assigned to the appropriate individuals for quick and efficient resolution

Your Data Belongs to YOU

Host your own database wherever you choose, so that it’s easily accessible, and so that you can authorize who has access to it!

Extensive Report Interface

  • SunLync offers 100+ reports to include Financial, Employee, Marketing, Inventory and Equipment reports
  • Management Reports provide summarized statistics beneficial to a salon owner (EFT Retention, Annual Comparative Analysis, Dollars per Customer, etc.)
  • Query specific information using SunLync’s Data Retrieval


  • Analyze what promotions and forms of advertising work best for you
  • Entice “Inactive” customers to return to your salon by sending Coupons or Promotions
  • Configure Day and Time Restrictions to entice customers to tan during slower time periods

Offline Utility 

  • If a salon loses connection to the database, this feature allows seamless operation of the salon
  • No need to resort to a pen and paper or the “honor system” as employees can still process sales, send time to beds, and know what services customers have on their accounts



SunLync Database Hosting

Are you tired of performing database maintenance on your server, checking to make sure that your backups are running regularly and spending the time that it takes to complete these tasks?

Well, then we have a solution for you...                                                            

SunLync introduces our new database hosting services

Let us provide you with an easy, secure and cost-effective alternative to maintaining your own server!

Contact us today to get started!


An online appointment book that will not only benefit your customers, but your business as well!

  • Simple Intuitive Design. Allows both your existing and prospective customers to easily book an appointment without any guidance.
  • Responsive Layout. Designed and optimized to work on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • SunLync Integration. Allows your employees to seamlessly view and check customers in for appointments booked online right within SunLync.
  • Hosting Included. Hosted by SunLync – making setup, maintenance and upgrades easy.
  • Customizable Layout. Match the look and feel of your website by choosing from a selection of themes and even add your company logo.
  • Reduce No Shows. Ability to schedule and cancel appointments online even during non-business hours.


SunLync Mobile Manager

As a busy professional in the tanning industry, you will have the ability to view real time information for your salons on the go with SunLync Mobile Manager. The app will allow you to view at a glance current product and service sales, as well as the number of tans processed per location. Quickly see which salons have met their daily, weekly and monthly sales goals. You can even monitor which employees are clocked in as well as view equipment statuses. A light version of SunLync’s E-Lync system is also included, so that you can easily communicate with your staff.

To utilize the iPhone/Android app you must have a SunLync monthly data services subscription. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how to get started!  

SunLync Kiosk

Looking to decrease the wait time at your front counter, especially during busy season? Then allow your new clients to register themselves, and your existing clients to check themselves in to tan, using SunLync’s all new kiosk software! 

SunLync QuickBooks® Integration

You already use SunLync to operate your salon… do you also use QuickBooks to organize your finances? Then save time with the SunLync QuickBooks integration!

SunLync Constant Contact® Integration

Target your Clients with Pinpoint Accuracy. Embrace the ability to enhance your customer lists by building them in SunLync with criteria such as purchase history, membership status, birthday, new customer and more.  Click here to get started with a free Constant Contact trial. 

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