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Do you accept EMV chip cards through Cayan's Genius Device?

06 Mar, 2018

SunLync Customers;

We have recently identified an issue within SunLync that has been brought to our attention by Cayan and the Visa/ MasterCard brands.  This affects clients using Cayan’s Genius device with EMV (chip card) functionality.  If you do not process transactions via Cayan’s Genius device, please disregard.

If this email does apply to you, we ask that you act now.  Please upgrade your SunLync to Version by running the SUpdate application on all point of sales workstations so to allow EMV transactions when acquiring tokens during EFT membership sales and EFT billing information updates alike.  For further details, please continue reading.

The issue that we’ve identified has to do with acquiring a token, for recurring billing, through Cayan during the EFT membership sale and EFT billing information update process.  Currently, when initiating communication to the Genius device, EMV chip card functionality is not enabled for the type of transactions.  Because of this, the customer is forced to SWIPE their EMV card, to process the PRE-AUTHORIZATION, instead of processing the transaction using the EMV chip; this is considered a “fallback” type transaction.   The card brands monitor this activity and because these transactions are processed using the “fallback” method consistently, MasterCard and Visa have raised a red flag and have begun to notify our Cayan partner.  If measures aren’t taken to correct this, merchants may incur fees from card brands.

If you have any questions, please reply and email our support team at and we’ll be happy to assist.  We thank you for your understanding.

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