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Learning the give packages window within SunLync

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Last updated: 14 Feb, 2019
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Give Packages

Explanation of Give Packages

To example how to properly use the Give Packages window that is located within back office within the promotions tab.

Supporting Information - Solution - Steps taken to resolve issue

1. The title you would like to give your give package options.

2. When you give this package to customers, do they need to have a certain membership or membership category (found within back office>promotions>categories)?

3. The EFT options will only be enabled if you select an EFT Membership (refer to bullet 2 within the picture).

  • Minimum number of draws would require the customer to have at least ## before they are allowed to receive the package.
  • Draws between means that the customer must have at least ## and ## draws before they can have the package. For example, between 3 and 5 draws a customer can only receive the package. Anything lower than three, they would not obtain the package. Anything higher than five, the customer would not acquire the package.
  • Day of draw is referring to the EFT draw days. If you sell EFT memberships, then your draw days would show up in the drop down menu. You can check out your EFT membership draw days within back office>customers>EFT processing>draw days.
  • May only receive once per draw means that the customer will only acquire the package every time a new draw has been recorded on the customer's account. This happens when the EFT post process updates those fields.

4. The status drop down menu allows the user select what standing their membership needs to be in order to receive the package. Month since purchase is how long ago a customer bought the membership. May only receive once per membership means the customer will not have any duplicates of the package.

5. The package drop down menu allows the user select the correct package they would like to give. The package would need to be setup before hand. This can be done within back office>promotions>package maintenance. Units is the amount of sessions, minutes, or Credits that should be given with that Service. Any upgrades assigned to that package will be granted as well.

6. The package expiration controls if the granted packages should be open ended or have a particular expiration date or number of expiration days.

7. The description column will list the title of the give package options. Last run is the last time the give package options were ran.

8. The description column will list the title of the give package options. The date column is the last time the give package options was ran. The num received column indicates how many customers obtained that package.

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