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EFT Processing window shows different rejection number compare to resubmit number

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Last updated: 08 Aug, 2018
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EFT Processing window shows different rejection number compare to resubmit total amount

Purpose of article

If a customer has a bigger number in the rejection column of the eft processing window compare to the resubmit window, this will show how to figure out why.

Supporting Information - Solution - Steps taken to resolve issue

Open up HeidiSQL and run the following query. This query will if you the customers that were auto rejected. The field autoreject is set to 1 when the cardno, expiration, name, address or other required information is not accurate.

select c.clientnumber, c.firstname, c.lastname, c.cellphone, c.homephone, from clients c inner join efttrandetails e on c.clientnumber=e.clientnumber where e.autoreject = "1" and e.batchnumber = "###";


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