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SunLync Account Updater

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Last updated: 06 Mar, 2019
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This document is intended as a guide to using the SunLync SlimCD Account Updater utility.


  • SunLync Version or newer
  • SlimCD Only
  • Tokenized
  • The customer must complete the application process through their processor

What The Customer Will Need

  • Prior to going through the following process, the customer must:
    • Obtain the following from the processor
      • Merchant ID Chain Code
      • Chain Code
    • Obtain SFTP (secure FTP) user ID and password from SlimCD
    • Customer will need to provide SlimCD with the external IP address of the location that they'll run the Account Updater Utility from so SlimCD can add it to their firewall exception list
      • ​Visit to obtain this network address 
      • You will not be able to run the Account Updater Utility from any other location unless access is granted by SlimCD

SlimCD Updater Service

SlimCD provides a service that tries to obtain updated account information from the credit card processor. This service takes a request file which contains a list of accounts, sends these accounts to the processor to attempt to get updated information, and then generates a response file with the results.  The account updater utility allow these accounts to be uploaded and downloaded into the SunLync database with ease.

SlimCD provides their customers with an FTP account to upload the request files to, and to store response files in for later processing. The user will need the following information from SlimCD in order to use the SunLync SlimCD Account Updater utility:

  • FTP Server Address
  • FTP Server Port
  • FTP Username
  • FTP Password
  • Credit Card Processor (Vantiv\FifthThird,TransFirst)
  • COMING SOON - First Data, Global Payments
  • Merchant Account ID (Only if using Vantiv\FifthThird or TransFirst)



The utility is designed in a wizard format to make the process simple. The user is prompted each time they use the utility to enter the required configuration parameters, but most parameters are saved locally.


When the utility is first opened it connects, it will verify that this customer is authorized to use this utility.  If authorization is successful, then the user is prompted to enter their SunLync username and password, if authorization fails then the user is notified and the application will terminate.

SlimCD's FTP Server Configuration

The utility uses SFTP to connect to the users FTP account on the SlimCD FTP server. It is not compatible with FTPS.

The user needs to obtain the following information from SlimCD:

  • Server Address
  • Server Port
  • Username
  • Password

The server address, port, and username are all stored locally but the user will have to enter their password each time they use the utility.

When the user clicks next the utility first checks to see if it can connect and login in to the FTP server using the given settings, if it is successful it will progress to the next section.

Credit Card Processor & Card Types

There are four credit card processors to pick from plus some additional settings dependent of which process the user uses.

  • Vantiv\FifthThird – The user also has to enter their Merchant Account ID and Chain Code which should be provided by Vantiv
  • TransFirst - The user also has to enter their Merchant Account ID
  • First Data – There are no additional settings for this processor
  • Global Payments – There are no additional settings for this processor

The user will need to enter which card types they wish to request updated information for. The user can pick from Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Visa and Mastercard and selected by default but Discover is not as the SlimCD documentation specifies that Discover is not supported yet but will be in the future.

Notification Type

SlimCD provides two methods for how the user is notified when a request file has been processed and a response file is read to be import.

  • SMS – If the user provides their cell phone number they will receive a text message when the response file is ready for import
  • E-mail – If the user provider an e-mail address they will receive an e-mail message when the response file is ready for import.

Upload / Download Process

The user should now select if they want to create a request file and upload it to their account on the SlimCD FTP server or download a response file from their account on the SlimCD FTP server and import the results into SunLync.

Uploading Process

There are four options the user has to specify how the list of requests is generated, all of these options are checked by default and the user’s selection is not saved to the local configuration file.

  • Option 1 – Tokenized accounts that have not been checked for updated account information in the past 6 months and are associated with an active EFT membership.
  • Option 2 – Tokenized accounts that have expired and are associated with an active EFT membership.
  • Option 3 – Tokenized accounts that will expire in the next 30 days and are associated with an active EFT membership.
  • Option 4 – Tokenized accounts that were rejected the last time they were submitted and are associated with an active EFT membership.

Once the user clicks next the utility generates the list of customers for the user to review before continuing.

After clicking the UPLOAD button the user will be prompted to confirm that they wish to upload the data to SlimCD.  Once confirmed the user will be presented with the progress screen and the files are generated and upload.

Downloading Process

When the user selects download and clicks next it will move directly to the download progress section as no other configuration is needed.

During this process, the utility connects to the FTP server and checks if any files are present to download and import.

If there are any files present then they are downloaded. The utility then goes through each line in the file, and update the customer’s token record and billing info accordingly, but only if they file specifies that the information has updated.

Once it has finished importing all of the files it deletes the local copies of the files and deletes the files off of the users FTP account.

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