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Timer Server not Running or is not Registered.

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Last updated: 24 Jan, 2017
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Troubleshooting POS functionality issues


This article is intended to help salons resolve issues with SunLync not being able to communicate with the Timer Server Application


When opening the SunLync POS and you are receive a message

“POS functionality has been disabled because the Timer Server has either not been registered OR is not running.”


The SunLync POS is not communicating to the Tserver properly.

It is important to note that the Timer Server application should only be running on the workstation that is physically connected to the timers. Also all references to the Main Computer are for the computer the timer manager is physically connected to.

Trouble shooting Steps

After making any adjustments to the Tserver please close all instances of the SunLync POS and re-open it

1.    Check that the Tserver is running on the Main Computer and is registered (Register it if that needs to be done). If it is not running, then start the TServer.  The Tserver should not be running on any Secondary Computer, if it is close it.
2.    Close all open sunlync POSs and re-open them
3.    If this is occurring on the Main Computer verify that the is configured properly;

  • The IP address is either set to or localhost
  • The Port is set to 6005

4.    If on the Secondary Computer(s) verify the settings in the sun.ini;

  • The IP Address should be the same as the Main Computers. If not update it with the Main Computers IP Address (See below)
  • The Port should be set to Port 6005

To find the IP address on the Main Computer type IPCONFIG in a command prompt window. The IP address will be an IPv4 address.  

Another option, navigate to the SunLync Help Menu: Help > About


You can also try setting it to the Main Computers Name

5.    Disable any firewalls. This is for testing only. If a firewall is blocking it, the salons IT group should be contacted to configure the firewall to allow the Tserver and port 6005. Enable the firewall after testing.

Verification & Conclusion

To verify that the Timer Server is running and that all computers in the salon can communicate with the timer, run this command from any client connected to the time.
telnet XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX  6005. You will need to replace the XXX XXX XXX XXX with the Main Computers actual IP Address

If running on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 the Telnet client may need to be enabled before using the command. This can be enabled by navigating to Control Panel>Programs and Features>Add remove Windows components.

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