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Error connecting to Please check your Internet connection before trying again.

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Last updated: 18 Nov, 2016
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Error Connecting to

Purpose of article

This article explains what to do when you receive the error message "There was an error connecting to". 

Error Message 

Possible Causes 

  1. If you are using a firewall or any kind of web blocker, the connection to Cayan's Site may be compromised.
  2. After a Windows update runs and installs updates on the workstation, some Internet Options may need to be adjusted.
  3. Cayan's site is down. 

Possible Resolutions

  1. Click on your start button
  2. In the search bar, type "Internet Options"
  3. Click on internet options 
  4. Navigate to the security tab
  5. Select Trusted Sites icon (Normally represented by a Green checkmark)
  6. Click the sites button 
  7. Type in the Add this website to the zone text box then click Add
  8. Click Close when finished

Lower Security level for this zone.

  • Set the setting to Low by dragging the level bar down to the lowest setting.

Adjusting Advanced Internet options: Advanced Tab

  • Look for and uncheck (if checked) Check for publisher's certificate revocation.
  • Look for and uncheck (if checked) Check for server certificate revocation.
  • Look for and uncheck (if checked) Check for the signatures on downloaded programs.
  • Enable Integrated Windows Authentication.
  • Enable native XMLHTTP support.

Open Merchantware backoffice and test the connection. If the connection is not successful run network tests to check the connection to 

You can also try restarting your computer. Computers restarts can fix common DNS issues which could be preventing the connection to Cayn's site.

If the above steps do not work, Contact SunLync support at 866 - SUNLYNC. 

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