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SunLync Scheduler: Explanation & Troubleshooting

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Last updated: 24 Mar, 2017
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This article is intended to  to explain the importance and functionality of the SunLync Scheduler. We will also cover common troubleshooting steps in the event the scheduler service does not start and/or is not working as intended.

What does the SunLync Scheduler Service Do?

The SunLync scheduler is a Windows Service that typically runs on the database server. The service updates the SunLync Desktop, which includes your salon's sales goals, PTA, PPTA, PRA and other information.

Another key function is managing client services in the background, so salon employees don't have to. There is many layers to part of the program, however, one of the most noticeable tasks is expiring packages/memberships based on the previously configured expiration date. 

Note: The SunLync Scheduler can also be referred to as the SunLync Desktop Service. Often error messages or warning messages within SunLync will refer the the scheduler as the SunLync Desktop Service.    

Where Can You Find The SunLync Scheduler Service?

The SunLync Scheduler typically runs on your database server. However, in some cases your salon may elect to run the scheduler on a different computer such as a office PC or a workstation. If you are unsure, ask someone within your salon if they know.  

Once you find the PC that the scheduler is suppose to be running on, navigate to your start menu in windows and search for "services". You should see a application called "Services" with a picture of a gear next to it. Open "Services" and scroll down on the list to the S's. You should see "SunLync Scheduler Service".

How Do I Restart the Scheduler Service?

Within Windows Services, you will want to first check the status of the SunLync Scheduler Service. If the Scheduler is "Running", then right click on the service and click "Restart". If the service status is "Stopped", you will want to right click on the service and click "Start"

.The SunLync Scheduler Service will not start

If the SunLync Scheduler will not start, the following items could be preventing the service from starting:

  1. The service is already running on a different computer
  2. The Error log is too large
  3. The SunLync Scheduler Version, does not match the version set in the database.

If the service is running on a different computer, typically the SunLync desktop will continue to update, even though the service is not running on the computer your are currently using.

You can try removing the SunLyncScheduler.err file located in one of these two locations:

  • C:\Program files(x86)\SunLync
  • C:\Program Data\SunLync\Logs

Simply delete the SunLyncScheduler.err file and try to restart the scheduler service.

If the SunLync Scheduler version does not match the scheduler version set in the database, the SunLync Scheduler will not start. This is to prevent older versions of the scheduler from running on a newer version of the SunLync database.

SunLync Scheduler does not start after upgrade

If the SunLync Scheduler is running during the upgrade process, the Sunlyncscheduler.exe file may not be upgraded resulting in a version mismatch.

Resolution: In this instance, you will want to stop the service and either copy the correct Sunyncscheduler.exe and replace the existing one or re-run the SunLync Updater to re-upgrade SunLync.

If the Sunlyncscheduler.exe  file version is the newest version, the ServiceVersion field in the database may need to be updated.

To check the service version listed in the database, run the following query on the database server:

MySQL> SELECT ServiceVersion FROM StoreFiguresSettings;

In the event that the File Version and the Service Version do not match, you can use the syntax below to update the table from the command line window. The Service Version below is only an example. If you are updating the database, please to be sure to set the Service Version equal to the File Version.


MySQL> UPDATE StoreFiguresSettings SET ServiceVersion="";

After updating the database, you should be able to return to Windows Services and start the SunLync Scheduler Service. 

If you have tried all steps to resolve in this guide and you cannot get the scheduler to start, please contact SunLync Support.

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