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How To Verify TLS Options in Windows
How To Verify TLS Options in Windows End of Life for TLS 1.0 June 30, 2018 is the deadline for payment processors to disable support for SSL/early TLS and to implement a more secure encryption protocol. TLS 1.0 will no longer be supported as it will have reached its end of life. TLS 1.1 or...
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SunLync Scheduler: Explanation & Troubleshooting
Purpose This article is intended to to explain the importance and functionality of the SunLync Scheduler. We will also cover common troubleshooting steps in the event the scheduler service does not start and/or is not working as intended. What does the SunLync Scheduler Service Do? The...
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Timer Server not Running or is not Registered.
Troubleshooting POS functionality issues Purpose This article is intended to help salons resolve issues with SunLync not being able to communicate with the Timer Server Application Description When opening the SunLync POS and you are receive a message “POS functionality has been...
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Error connecting to Please check your Internet connection before trying again.
Error Connecting to Purpose of article This article explains what to do when you receive the error message "There was an error connecting to". Error Message Possible Causes If you are using a firewall or any kind of web blocker, the...
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Expired Macro warning in MS Word
Expired Macro warning in MS Word Description Client receives the following message when attempting to open a document from SunLync that uses mail merge fields: This file contains macros with an expired or revoked signature This is caused by a macro security setting in MS Word itself, but is...
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Invalid Pointer Error(s)
Invalid Pointer on Batch Submission/Re-submission Cause: This is typically caused by invalid data being provided to SLIMCD and having an error returned regarding the data. Resolution: If Tokenization is enabled, ensure that the client account that is receiving the error is correctly...
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