About Us

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SunLync designs Tanning Salon Management Software.  Our software is designed to be an easy reliable product that helps you manage your salon successfully.

On top of all that, we offer friendly customer service just in case you ever need it.

Our objective

To fully understand the indoor tanning industry in order to meet its needs. We continuously work with our current users in order to achieve this objective, and to regularly enhance our product, and the services that we offer. Quality and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Our Vision

The vision of SunLync is to be the recognized leader of software providers for the indoor tanning industry.

Our Mission

SunLync will accomplish its vision by exceeding our customers’ expectations through exceptional products and services essential to their success.

Our Core Values

Customers: Customers are our top priority. They drive our business. We listen closely, continually strive to exceed their expectations, and take pride in “going the extra mile”.

“Always think of your customers as suppliers first. Work closely with them, so they can supply you with the information you need to supply them with the right products and services.” – Susan Marthaller

Employees: Every effort is made to create an atmosphere of goal oriented teamwork. We are committed to creating a challenging and rewarding work environment where employees are encouraged to participate in all facets of the business. Individual initiative and growth is strongly encouraged.

Integrity: Acting with respect and reliability, we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, and team members alike, to achieve our mutual goals.

“If you believe in unlimited quality and act in all your business dealings with total integrity, the rest will take care of itself." – Frank Perdue

Results: Accomplishments are measured, not the amount of effort put forward.

“Rather than focusing on things and time, focus on preserving and enhancing relationships and on accomplishing results.” – Stephen Covey

Prosperity: It is our goal to deliver a product that enables our customers to grow their businesses, as this is the only way to ensure our prosperity.