The vision of SunLync is to be the recognized leader of software providers for the indoor tanning industry.




SunLync is an operations manager, security guard, administrative assistant and equipment maintenance supervisor all in one!




The SunLync software has enabled us to manage multiple salons more efficiently, and the company has been a pleasure to work with.


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Customers are our top priority. We listen closely, continually strive to exceed their expectations and take pride in "going the extra mile".



Sunlync a Software Company Dedicated to the Indoor Tanning Industry

SunLync Software, Inc. is a software company dedicated to meeting the needs of the indoor tanning industry.

With commitment to excellence, steadfast customer service and vast software development knowledge, we plan to exceed your expectations through exceptional products and services that are essential to your success.

We strive for perfection and we promise you that:

  • We will continually develop and refine our products.
  • We will develop new functionality based upon your input.
  • We will assist you during your transition.
  • We will train you.
  • We will support you when issues arise.
  • We will help you when you need advice.
  • We care about YOU!

Software, like any other business asset, is an investment towards your future not an expense. With SunLync you not only get software products and support, you get a partnership committed to the control, success and profitability of your business.